5 Website Design Tricks & Tweaks to Boost Conversions



5 Website Design Tricks & Tweaks to Boost Conversions

“How to increase conversion on the website?”. You can find numerous blogs and articles on the web related to this title. But, the answer is always the same story in most of the blogs i.e. use high quality, engaging and relevant content. Although, using high quality, engaging, and unique content on the website is quite important to enhance the user experience, but it does not mean that it is the only factor to boost the conversion on the website. You also need to give focus on design factors which affect the user-experience. Continue reading to know about the five fruitful website design tricks and tweaks which will help you in boosting both traffic and conversion on your site.

Tricks & Tweaks

  • Incorporate Color Psychology

It is all known that colors stimulate different emotions. They can inspire confidence, aggressiveness, excitements, happiness, confusion, or even sadness. You can incorporate color psychology in website design to engage users on your website. Numerous studies have also confirmed that different color palettes appeal to different users in different ways. The professional website design companies and web designers know how to utilize the color psychology to grab the attention of the targeted audiences towards your website. For instance, if you are running a cosmetic eCommerce store using the shades of pink on your website then it will surely appeal to women from the different walks of life.

  • Follow the F-Pattern

Since childhood, people grew accustomed to scanning materials from left to right and from top to bottom, let it be book, newspaper, blog or anything else. This is probably why a lot of professional website designers utilize the F-pattern while designing a web layout.

  • Use Full-Screen Images

Images speak a lot than words. Apart from designing graphics, most of the professional website designers prefer to use full-screen images as background to add depth in the web layout. By using large and high-quality images as background, you can easily grab the attention of the audiences. Moreover, the great visual impact will also give a sense of authority, legitimacy as well as creativity as long as you use authentic, unique, and quality images.

  • Make Your Site Responsive

reponsive website

Nowadays, most of the website browsing has done through mobiles than desktop. In fact, Google gives 90% preference to mobile version websites on SERPs. If you want to enhance your user experience or boost your business conversion, you need to invest in mobile responsive website design services. It will not only give your users a freedom to surf your website on their desired devices but will increase traffic on your website as well. Making a website responsive is far complex to say than done. There are a lot of technicalities involved in making a website responsive. This is why it is advised to hire professional website design company to get the job done in the right way.

  • Keep the Design Simple

Whether you have a B2B or B2C website, try to keep everything simple and clear in web layout to help users in finding exactly what they want in a hassle-free way. When it comes to designing a website try to give more focus on the important content and keep everything simple to give your user a distraction free environment to search exactly what they want. Fewer images and texts also help in improving the website speed and the user experience.

These are only a few tricks and tweaks which you can use to boost your user-experience. The more your users will find your website relevant, the higher will be the chance to get conversion through your site.