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5 Steps of Website Design and Development

Having a website is a must for each of the business in this digital age. One can find lots of firms engaged in offering website development services but none of them is going to tell you how they will be executing your website development process. If you too are looking for website development company in Ireland, you should have a prior knowledge of website designing and development process to ensure speedy execution and completion of your website in a professional manner. In this blog, we will let you encounter with the different steps that any renowned website designing company in Ireland will follow. The basic steps of developing any kind of website are almost the same as given under.


It is the foremost thing that any website development company in Ireland will ask for. Discuss in deep with your service provider about each and every detail about your business. Let your service provider know some of these basic things given below.

  • Motive: The core purpose of your website – informative, promoting service or selling products?
  • AIM: What do you want with your website? Making money or sharing information?
  • Targeted Audience: Who you want to visit your website? Picturize the “ideal” visitors. Pay special attention to other minute details like age, sex, and interests. It will help in choosing the design for your website.
  • Content: What customers will be getting from your website? Is it information, service, or product?


It ensures binding up of different information to create a final layout. A Sitemap is developed to ensure listing of all of the main areas of the website including topics and sub-topics. Planning is also necessary to ensure to consistent and quick navigation system. In this stage, the choice of development technology or CMS is also made like WordPress.


Keeping in mind the information gathered from the client and targeted audience, a casual look of the website is determined. Besides, the nature of business, choice of colors and logo help to get a more concrete idea about the prospective website. It is the phase where a good communication is necessary between the website owner and service provider. Most of the time, client is given access to a secure area over the service provider’s website to ensure regular update of the designing process. Meanwhile, the client has also the authority to express views or suggestions to ensure that the design matches with the website design fulfill his needs and taste for the development process.


It is the phase where actual development of website happens. The website designing company will collect all the graphic elements from the scratch prototype and develop them into a fully functional website. Meanwhile, the details of the development process, as well as the mockup of the developed pages, are also shared with the client for a thorough review.


After the development process, the website enters into the testing zone. Here, the website is checked for compatibility issues to ensure hassle-free functionality over different web browsers. After the final approval from client’s end, the service provider uploads the website over the server which involves installation and configuration of WordPress and associated plug-ins. Once again the website is throughout checked for accurate uploading and then made live over the web for the public.

It was all about the website development process from the scratch. If you too own a business and want its online presence over the internet, look for an authentic website design company in Ireland which can execute the overall website designing and development process in utmost professional manner or visit www.thedigitaldepartment.ie today to get an instant quote from the professionals for website development or makeover.

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