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Website Security

5 Considerations to Guarantee Security for Your Website

With website hacking becoming more and more prominent by the minute and the majority of companies creating new websites, security has never been so import. This is particularly so so eCommerce websites as credit card details can be found from them.

Though important, security often gets forgotten. People tend to focus on aesthetics and features and page titles, all of which are important, but forget that if your site is not secure then you could be in serious trouble. Additionally, some developers find it difficult to ensure security, which is why you have t be careful with which web designers you choose.

Here is a list of 5 considerations that you need to address in order to optimise your website’s security so that you can sleep stress-free.

Think of Security When Choosing Your CMS

Website Security

The majority of sites are built on CMS frameworks such as WordPress. These are user friendly frameworks which is what makes them so popular. Their popularity makes them tricky though. This is because hackers will naturally try to hack the most popular frameworks. That said, as they are the most popular frameworks they are updated and maintained much better than other frameworks which allows them security. Choosing the correct CMS platform is important. WordPress is our favourite.

You need to Protect Your Hosting Plan

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When you have a website host you can purchase additional security from them, which obviously can help. The actual host that you have in the first place is also important, however. For example, shared hosting is less secure than dedicated hosting. This is something that you should consider.

Think Carefully About the Plugins You Install

There are 1000s of plugins that you can install. Different widgets, links, connections, are all important to ensure that your website performs well, but you do need to make sure that you don’t throw everything in but the kitchen sink. This is because every new plugin is a potential threat to your security. If your plugin has a loophole then a hacker could utilise this to hack your site. Plugins are great, but be careful with them.

 Something that can help this is finding plugins that multitask as opposed to do just one thing. This will allow you to install less plugins overall. Also, it is important to ensure that your plugins are all 100% up to date as out of date plugins can be dangerous.

Protect Your Login Credentials

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You need to make sure that your users’ names are never displayed on your site. Also, that no administrator account to get into your website is named ‘admin’. The ‘admin’ name is popular because it is simple, but this simplicity and popularity allows hackers as easy way to get into your site. Use long passwords, with various caps and small letter, numbers, etc.

Extra Points

Sometimes, it is actually your laptop that spreads viruses onto your site. Make sure that your software is virus free. You have to install a top-notch security suite  and use your antivirus protection to undertake regular scans.

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