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rich typography

4 Website Development Trends Which Will Rule in 2017

With the development of science and technology, the field of website development and design has been increasing at a significant rate. The growth happens at such incredible rates that it becomes tough for the businesses to keep themselves updated with the latest trends or times. Though your website might be working well for you as well as your clients, but keeping it updated as per the latest market trends is important to get an edge over your competitors in the long run. As web development matters a lot in assuring the success of the website on search engines, you need to hire professional web developers in Cork to manage your website in the best possible way.

Why Hire Professional Web Developers?

In the field of website development, many updates are coming every day so it becomes impossible for you to focus on web development rather than focusing on your core business. The professional web developers keep a close eye on the web development industry and always try to utilize new ideas, technology, and tools to help your business getting an edge over your competitors. But, you should also have a good understanding of the latest website development trends as a business owner. Keep reading to know about the four website development trends which will rule in 2017.

Rich Typography

rich typography

The use of rich typography is widely recommended by web developers in Cork to improve the users’ experience. The professionals prefer to use rich and catchy typography in order to grab the viewers’ attention and let them find all the relevant information in an easy and quick way. Using typography in a web layout will not only help in improving the user experience but also helps in creating more contrast in the web layout.

360 Degree Video: The 360-degree video is introduced to boost the user experience, and thereby making a great impact on the current website design trends. Today, it is widely used in online video marketing to grab the attention, improve the interaction, and engage the users on the website. The 360-degree video camera prerecords all things from all the possible angles to give users a wonderful navigation experience and a real-like experience to the users that they are actually living the moment with the business.

Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence is going to change the future of the website development to a greater extent. The technology giants like Google, IBM, Microsoft, and FaceBook are working continually and come with several great AI technologies to give users a wonderful and fascinating web browsing experience. You can also use some AI technologies in your website to give an amazing and satisfying experience your targeted audiences when they browse your website.



Micro interaction is the little moment when a user tries to interact with you using your site such as sending a message, filling the form, liking a post and so on. The main purpose of micro-interaction is to provide quick feedback and guidance to boost overall users’ experience. A lot of website developers give more preference to micro interaction for serving their clients in the best-possible way. This, in turns, also helps in winning the trust of the clients as well.

If you are planning to design or simply want to integrate these innovative features on your site, you need to approach a professional and experienced website development Company to make the website development in Cork quite easy.