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Mistakes which You Need to Avoid

4 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Designing a Responsive Website

In this cut-throat digital marketing world where everyone wants to achieve the best position, you need to adopt an approach that will help you in increasing your business reach and boosting your business profitability as well. This is where the concept of responsive website design comes into focus. Most of the companies in Dublin invest in responsive web design services to make their business accessible to a large number of people. These websites can be easily accessible from all the available digital devices, especially the mobile devices. However, creating an effective, attractive, and engaging responsive website is really a challenge for many companies of web design in Dublin. If you will hire a novice web designer it may be possible that your website will do more harm than good for your business. This is probably why it is recommended to hire experienced and specialized website designers for website design in Dublin. Continue reading to know about some common responsive web design mistakes which you need to avoid at any cost to mint the maximum money through your website.

Mistakes which You Need to Avoid

Designing A Website for Desktop First and Mobile Second

One of the biggest mistakes which most of the website designers do is designing a website for desktop first and work on the responsive part at the later stages. Doing this is not only time-consuming but most likely cause errors that require a lot of reworks. It is, therefore, advised to design your website for mobile first and then for the desktop. A perfectly designed mobile version website can be easily and clearly browsed in mobiles, laptops, and other digital devices.

Ignoring the Website Navigation

Another major challenge which many of the website designers usually face while designing a responsive website is the creation of a navigation system that is not only intuitive but also works wonderfully on all types of devices. The inclusion of navigation system is very simple in desktop websites. However, it becomes a challenge in the mobile websites. In mobile websites, there is very little space to include entire navigation buttons in a simpler and clear way. Therefore, it is advised to use only the major navigation buttons on the main page and hide the buttons which are not of much importance from the users’ point of view.

Not Providing Touchscreen Experience

It comes as no surprise that majority of smartphones these days has the touchscreen facility to enable people in accessing anything on their mobile device in an easy and quick manner. If your responsive website is not providing touchscreen experience then it may be possible that visitors can leave your website within a second. You need to make sure that your website can be easily “zoom in” and “zoom out” on all available digital devices.

Ignoring Speed

ignoring speed

Having an attractive and visually appealing website is not enough if you want to achieve success in the online marketing world. The speed of the website is an another thing which you need to take into account to achieve success over the web world. In surveys, it is also confirmed that the speed of the website also matters a lot in boosting the traffic on the website.

When it comes to design a responsive website, you must approach an experienced and specialized web designer in Dublin in order to get quality web design services. Looking for a reliable and renowned professional for web design in Dublin? Ask our experts how to design a profitable website.