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The Digital Department is one of the leading website development companies in Cork and we are passionate in ensuring our clients get the best result possible from our web development process.  Through experience and dealing with hundreds of website projects big and small our web developers and management have a unique understanding of what defines success online.  We bring you through the web development process and make you part of it so your business knowledge is reflected in your website and reflects your understanding of your customers.

Website Development Projects

5 Steps to Web Development Success

  • Web Strategy:

    Developing a website technically is one thing but have a solid strategy to attract customers is another. Before you begin your web development process you should be clear who your target market is, how you want to communicate with them and what you want to sell to them. What works offline often needs to be tweaked to work online. Going niche with your product range and message can often help cut through the noise.

  • Design in web development:

    If your going to go to the trouble of developing a website do it properly. Getting a good web development company is paramount to ensure they can design with the style and image you need to attract your customers. Good web development companies have graphic designers to give the website its look and feel.

  • Website Structure:

    The structure of a website can effect it’s performance hugely. Whether this is navigation or page structure this can have a big effect on issues like ability of people to find what they want quickly or even how search engines bring traffic to your website. A good web developer will understand this and go through this process with you as part of the web development process.

  • Message:

    Communication is key and this is where many website development projects fall down. Sometimes neither the client nor the web developer have any experience or knowhow in how to communicate. Your website is your most important communication tool so make sure a clean communication strategy is part of your web development.

  • Service :

    When your website is fully developed and selling it is essential the service you give to customers is good. They are used to dealing with big companies like Amazon and expect even though you a millionth the size of amazon that your service is just as good.

The Digital Department is a leading web development Cork Company. Our portfolio of websites and clients ranges from large business to start ups. We welcome all clients to work with our web development team and promise to deliver you a website that achieves your business real results.

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