Website & Mobile Integration Packages

Websites and mobile apps are different but can offer huge support to each other and can be integrated into each other. Good digital performance can often mean using different platforms for different reasons in supporting your marketing efforts. For example, depending on the business a website can often be good at attracting new customers while an app can be to get existing customers back more often. Together they can be a wonderful combination.

Website & App Integration

At TDD we offer a wonderful solution of website and mobile app integration to allow your business get the benefits of both. While developing your website we can stream any facilities you have through your app allowing your app customers easier use as its on their fingertips. For example, a restaurant may have table booking on its website so this could be integrated into your mobile app. We know this increases performance hugely.

Integration means better engagement

Research shows that customers are far more likely to use website features if they can access through a mobile app than having to go to a website.

Webstore Integration

Key Features of integration

1. Webstore Integration:Have your website store in your app bringing it closer to consumers.

2. Feature Integration: Have website feature on the app such as blog or booking facility.

3.Support: Use the app free messaging and voucher system to support your website offers and activity.

integration experts

Ask the integration experts

At TDD we know from experience what integration works and what doesn’t. We can design you a customized website and app solution that will perform for your business.

And the best part by doing both with us you save your business considerable money also.

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