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Google’s AMP

“Nothing remains constant, all things change”, you will see the example of this beautiful line in different walks of life. For instance, if talking about digital marketing, you will find that the concept of digital marketing has completely changed with the passes of time. The innovation and advancement of technology have drastically changed everything. Website … Continue reading Is Google’s AMP Really the Future of Website Development?

directional cues in web design

If you want to achieve success in the digital marketing industry, you will surely look for a new way to improve the user experience. The competition in the digital marketing industry is rising like a fire in the forest this is why user experience becomes an integral part of any web design projects to ensure … Continue reading How Directional Cues Improve Users Experience and Maximize Conversion?

artificial intelligence - Magento eCommerce

The idea of creating a technology which performs all the operations on the behalf of human being is not new. The innovation of computer and even the introduction of artificial intelligence is one of the best examples of it. In fact, the artificial intelligence is a way smarter than other technologies and the human mind. … Continue reading How Artificial Intelligence Takes Magento eCommerce Development to The Next Level?

PSD to WordPress

If you have to explain web programming in a simple way, how will you do it? Well, the basic concept which most of the professional web developers follow when it comes to design and development of the website is Design + Code = Interface No matter how beautiful layout graphic designers create, it cannot be … Continue reading How can PSD to WordPress Conversion Benefit Your Business?

seo services ireland

If you in the digital marketing industry, you definitely heard about search engine optimization, but have you heard about conversion optimization? Well, a lot of people have not! So, what is conversion optimization? How is it related to search engine optimization? You need to have good information about this before taking SEO services in Ireland. … Continue reading Conversion Optimization: A New Era of SEO Services

certified Magento developers in cork

The introduction of Magento 2 has completely changed the way how business owners handle their site a few years ago. Integrated with several innovative, user-friendly, and client-centric features, Magento 2 has gained a lot of popularity in a very short duration of time. In fact, a lot of eCommerce store owners still approach certified Magento … Continue reading What’s New will You See and Experience in Magento 2.2?

ecommerce website development Cork

If you are considering for building your own online store, you can easily find exactly what you need to build your eCommerce stores like eCommerce development platforms, plugins, and even pre-built templates. When talking about templates, you can find hundreds of pre-built templates which are fast, cheap, unique and beautiful. However, most of the professionals … Continue reading Why You Should Not Use Templates for eCommerce Website Development?

SEO services Ireland

Everyone has enough information about SEO and SEO services. But, what a lot of people forget is that search engine optimization is an ongoing process. What was followed by the optimization of the website a few years ago will surely not work today. The reason because the search engines parameters have changed dramatically, so as … Continue reading What is Semantic Search and How to Get Benefits from It?