Display Advertising In Focus

Digital Advertising

Display Advertising or Digital Advertising has increased significantly in the last few years as the nature of it has changed and it has begun to outperform many other advertising mediums.

What is Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising is effectively displayed adverts on webpages. They come in either static, animated or rich media and can be very impactful brand communication. There are also great opportunities to incorporate display into social media networks.

Return on investment

Where Digital Advertising outperforms others

1. Return on investment: Display is proving a very cost effective and impactful way of achieving results.

2. Optimise your audience: One can now target by demographics, interests, search queries, and even now we can retarget people who have already been on your site. Also, using Pay Per Click (PPC) options means you only pay when you succeed.

3. Value for money: The cost per thousand rates are lower than other mediums while at the same time offering you more relevant consumers.

Digital Advertising Campaign

Key things to know when planning a Digital Advertising Campaign

1. Onsite Targeting: Can I target specific sections of a site? For example, sport or fashion.

2. Visitor Targeting: How does the site allow me target? By gender, age, interest etc?

3. Campaign Timings: Can you book campaigns for specific periods of the day, days of week etc. When choosing display partners you need to be sure they are serving the specific needs of your campaign.

Think beyond the Click

When running a digital advertising campaign it is essential companies think about what happens after someone clicks through and lands on your website or social media page. A clear objective should be set as to what one wants to achieve and what action you require of the visitor. Then this should be consistently measured for performance and optimised.

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