E Mail Marketing: It's Not SPAM

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is still one of the most powerful digital marketing tools and depending on the nature of your business can be a very cost effective marketing solution. Email is still the number 1 activity online even ahead of search and social media so there is an important role for it within your digital marketing strategy. In general email still achieves the highest engagement rates on content of any digital platform.

Email Marketing is not SPAM

Email Marketing is not SPAM

While many people perceive email marketing as SPAM it is important not to think of it as unsolicited mail that only annoys people. Proper email marketing is about engaging purposefully with existing or potential customers and creating valuable relationships. It is about engaging on a positive level with people who have experienced your product or service before or who willingly agreed for you to engage with them. Recent research shows that 67% of people admit to purchasing something offline as a direct result of receiving an email.

great Email Marketing

What is great Email Marketing?

Great Email marketing is about sending content to your members that is relevant to them and that they will appreciate. This can come in the format of entertainment, education, or even discounts. In a competitive business environment keeping your business at the top of people’s minds is key.

At The Digital Department we plan email strategy and manage the email database system ensuring that relevant content is going to each segment of your consumer base.

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