Digital Marketing Services


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Marketing is at the heart of everything we do at The Digital Department whether it be building a website, designing a mobile app or running an online campaign to support them. Our extensive experience and knowhow in branding and communication allows us to interpret your marketing objectives and execute them online. Our approach is not just technical but follows the key principles of marketing and communication to achieve better results. Digital Marketing should be the center of all activity.

TDD believes a digital marketing strategy should now be at the center of all marketing activity. It should be integrated with all off line activity allowing businesses to leverage reach and get far greater bang for their marketing bucks. Digital done properly can allow smaller businesses to compete with their bigger rivals that was never possible with traditional media.

A Cross Platform Approach

a cross platform approach

Digital marketing strategy works best when implemented across all digital platforms. Each platform supports the other to achieve better marketing performance. At The Digital Department we use all mediums, applying the most relevant for your business objectives.

Marketing Strategy&Planning

Our Digital Marketing Services include:

1. Marketing Strategy&Planning:Incorporating digital into current marketing plans.

2.Website Design:We design sites with search performance and social sharing at the heart of it.

3.Search Engine Optimization(SEO): Key ranking with Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

4.Mobile Marketing:Text Messaging, Mobile App Development, Location Targeting.

5.Social Media: Facebook, Twitter. Linkedin and more.

6.Email Marketing:Marketing Database Management.

7. Internet Advertising: Display, Google Adwords and other PPC.

8.Analytics:Website Analytics, Social Media Analytics, Conversion Tracking.

9.Online Pr and blogging:A great strategy to engage with people and drive traffic to your site.

10.Graphic Design:Developed in line with communication strategy.