Title : Shotgumedia

Author :

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Why use Video on your Website? Video is the new darling of the marketing world and it isn’t just a passing trend. Video makes up approx.

Title : Tribal Marketing and Tribal Branding

Author : Dr. Bredan Richardson

Company : University College Cork Lecturer

Brendan Richardson is a lecturer who focuses strongly on consumer behaviour and tribalism. With the new age of the internet, this has become a key focus when designing many websites.

Title : Cyber Insurance 101 for eCommerce Website Companies

Author : Brian O' Mara

Company : O'Leary Insurances

A disclaimer to begin with – there is no one ‘Cyber Insurance’ product. There are several – each insurer has its own take and coverage varies wildly.

Title : Irish Businesses: Time To Get Smart About Payments

Author : Anthony Rafferty

Company : PayPal

Irish eCommerce Sites Vs. Those Abroad Online commerce is a huge market bursting with opportunity, but unfortunately Irish shoppers are spending a lot of their euros abroad.

Title : Cyber Liability: Hype or a Real Threat ?

Author : Martin Adams

Company : Arachas Insurance

– Sony Loses $100m in Cyber Attack – Talk Talk Loses £3. 5m in Cyber Attack by 15 Year Old – Estimated Cost of Cyber Crime in 2016 $120.