Measuring Performance In Digital Marketing

Analytics of performance

Analytics of performance is key to making things better. The goal of all marketing should be to grow the reach, impact, and hence sales to the target audience. It is often said that where there’s no measurement, there is no management. It is essential for all companies whether big or small to know what is happening with the marketing money they are spending and how they can get greater bang for their buck.

At The Digital Department we analyze performance across all digital platforms to give you a clear picture of how your company is fairing across all mediums.

Website Analytics

So what can be Measured?

Depending on the activity and the digital tools plugged into your marketing activity a clear picture can be given on performance and also it sets benchmarks for future performance and improvement. Marketing your product or service is something you should get better at and measurement is key to establishing this progression. Simple structures can now be built into your promotions to allow tracking of performance.

REACH: An Overall figure of how many people a month do you reach online whether through your website, social media, or any other. The Digital Department is consistently engaging strategies to improve this even on the same budget.

Engagement: While it is great having large numbers attracted to your website, social media outlets, or other digital platforms, how interested and engaged people are when they get there is key to them actually becoming paying customers. Also, engagement in the digital world is paramount to growing your reach. The Digital Department constantly measures engagement across all platforms and to see what is really connecting with consumers or not.

Website Analytics: Your website is the hub and center of everything you do and understand how visitors are interacting with it is key to driving any digital marketing strategy forward.

Social Media Analytics:

There are many other key measurement tools across mobile, internet advertising, email and all major digital platforms that can be tailored to meet your needs.

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